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Critters are creatures that inhabit the Log and commonly exist in a state of cyclical consciousness. Critters remain oblivious to their existence within the alternate reality of the realms. Each critter possesses a unique set of skills and personalities that contribute to the vibrant tapestry of life in the Log. The two main families are the pre-fork critters and the post-fork critters, based on the origins of these beings.

A felis critter


Felis has silky grey fur and captivatingly large, expressive eyes, which grant them a charming and lovable appearance. The enigmatic personalities of this pre-fork creature, hide a fierce intellect, while their bad humor often leads to unexpected outcomes. Although they can be mischievous, their unwavering loyalty to those who can keep up with their quick wit keeps them close to their trusted allies.

A canis critter


Canis resemble a fusion of plush-furred critters that exude a deeply devoted demeanor. Often misjudged as hostile, these pre-fork critters are passionate defenders of those who are vulnerable.
While there are no accolades for championing others' causes, their fervent nature ensures that they will fight tirelessly and with conviction.

A anthus critter


Anthus are grey-colored pre-fork critters with melodious voices. Their lively, sociable nature draws them to the company of others.
They are blessed with an innate intuition that allows them to detect approaching danger, and their capacity for empathy and understanding earns them trust and admiration from their peers.

A bubo critter


Bubo possess large, luminescent eyes that give them a mysterious aura. They are esteemed for their wisdom and deep comprehension of the world around them. Preferring solitude, Bubo critters spend their time observing and contemplating their surroundings rather than participating in raucous activities, making this pre-fork creature enigmatic and compelling figures to other critters.

A vulpes critter


Vulpes are known for their cunning and exceptional adaptability. This pre-fork creature has an innate talent for problem-solving and effortlessly navigating through intricate situations. Their playful demeanor belies their intellect, and they often employ their charm to influence other critters to achieve their goals, making them unpredictable and alluring companions.

A simia critter


Simia are inquisitive and dexterous, natural explorers who thrive in various environments, whether climbing or swinging. The sociable nature of this pre-fork creature enables them to adapt easily, forming alliances with other critters without effort. While they may appear playful and fun-loving, they display fierce protectiveness over their friends when the need arises.

A mus critter


Mus has big ears, pale fur, swift reflexes and a sharp sense of smell. They display great resourcefulness and can thrive in a diverse range of environments.
Although this pre-fork creature may seem timid and unassuming, their intelligence and ingenuity make them invaluable allies in challenging situations, earning them respect from their peers.

A puma critter


Puma are powerful, dark fur and stealthy critters, exhibiting impressive speed and agility. As skilled hunters, this pre-fork creature prefers a solitary lifestyle, only forging alliances when circumstances demand it.
Despite their fearsome reputation, they maintain a strong sense of honor and integrity, ensuring they uphold their promises to fellow critters.

A viator critter


Viators are wise, eared and green beings with a strong sense of direction and unwavering endurance. They are renowned for their profound wisdom and often provide guidance and counsel to fellow critters on their journeys. The serene nature and perceptive observations of this pre-fork creature make them well-respected and revered members of the critter community.


A lotor critter

Lotors, agile pre-fork critters, excel in navigating aquatic environments. Their innate ability to find and collect resources makes them integral to critter societies.

While their appearance may suggest grumpiness and their behavior seems secretive and elusive, their extensive knowledge and adaptability are highly appreciated by other critters. Those who appreciate their unique sense of dark humor often find them to be excellent company.


A vitrum critter

Vitrum critters have a distinctive, translucent appearance that enables them to blend seamlessly into their surroundings. This pre-fork creature is exceptionally observant and possesses a talent for uncovering hidden truths as no other critter.

Their quiet and unassuming nature makes them excellent listeners and confidants for other critters, who appreciate their loyalty and trustworthiness.


A vesper critter

Vesper are nocturnal and enigmatic pre-fork critters, deeply connected to the mysteries of the night sky. They have an innate understanding of celestial patterns and are skilled navigators, guided by the stars and by an accurate intuition about the world around them.

Their elusive nature and enigmatic personalities captivate and intrigue other critters, drawing them to the Vesper's mysterious world.


A tree critter

Tree critters are gentle and sagacious beings, profoundly connected to the natural world. They possess an innate ability to communicate with the environment, making them invaluable in maintaining harmony and balance within their ecosystems.

Their soothing presence and deep wisdom often provide solace and guidance to those seeking enlightenment. This post-fork creature has its origins deeply tied with the Life.


An ossum critter

Ossum critters are skinny, yet extraordinarily resilient critters. They possess a potent protective instinct and are recognized for their tenacity and resourcefulness, enabling them to overcome obstacles and earning them a reputation as survivors in the face of adversity.

Ossum critters are always contemplating the past and, as post-fork critters, they are conscious of the loop condition and feel blessed to be alive, without having to face the inevitability of death. This creature has its origins deeply tied with the Damn.


An entis critter

Entis critters resemble peculiar beings with a serene appearance. They possess extraordinary intelligence and have the ability to communicate telepathically with others. Their advanced understanding of the Cosmos and empathetic nature make them highly sought-after allies and advisors, but their agenda is unknown.

Entis critters are conscious of the loop condition and their memory isn't affected by it. This post-fork creature has its origins tied with the Wise, and each is a ~node~ of knowledge with the Wise, the most intelligent being in the Cosmos.