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The Time, or the ~All-Seeing Bubo~

 The Library serves as a reference center for all canonical information related to the Critters' Universe. The content within this repository has been meticulously gathered from the librarians' canon, which encompasses the writings of the Poet, as well as the rich oral traditions of the wanderers who have shared their stories about the Saga.

The maps of the realms were extracted from the vast amount of the Ruby's annotations and letters.

If there are any doubts about a term in the Library, they can likely be clarified in the glossary.

The table of contents below provides an overview of how the information is organized in the Library.

Table of Contents

Section I: Cosmos

  • Cosmogony: the mythological origins of the Log.
  • Cosmology: the critters' world and its characteristics.
  • Morphology: the spatial organization in the Log.
  • Stellarium: origins and characteristics of each Sun.

Section II: Realms

Section III: Forks

Section IV: Cults

Section V: Critters

  • Creatures: the crittermorphical characteristics of the critters.
  • Classes: the critters' social and special characteristics organized in classes.
  • Legendary: the mythical, historical, forgers and other notable critter classes.

Section VI: Relics