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Critter are creatures whose inhabitate the Log and usually retain a one-day-Log memory and exist in a state of cyclical consciousness. Critters with special abilities are categorized in their own classes. In the following section will be described the crittermorphical characteristics of the creatures that inhabitate the Log, the critters' social characteristics of their classes and it's legendary critters.

📄️ Classes

Each critter class possesses a unique set of skills and personalities that contribute to the vibrant tapestry of life in the Log. Some inhabitants of the Log, such as wanderers, have developed unique cultures that adapt to the ever-changing nature of their environment. The forgers have a central role in the operation of the Log. The librarians work silently under the Tale instructions. Cultist classes like sorcerers, mages and wizards have central roles in the history of the realms and their fork events.

📄️ Legendary

The subsequent section discusses critters known for their unusual abilities or notable historical relevance. Each critter is presented with comprehensive information. The origin of each critter is considered, tracing its presence in historical accounts or mythologies. These critters are categorized based on their classes, which provides a structured understanding of their identities. The interconnections between critters are examined, highlighting their roles within shared mythological contexts. This section thus provides a detailed overview of legendary critters, featuring their appearances, origins, classes, and connections within diverse narratives, legends or historial events.