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Each critter class possesses a unique set of skills and personalities that contribute to the vibrant tapestry of life in the Log. Some inhabitants of the Log, such as wanderers, have developed unique cultures that adapt to the ever-changing nature of their environment. The forgers have a central role in the operation of the Log. The librarians work silently under the Tale instructions. Cultist classes like sorcerers, mages and wizards have central roles in the history of the realms and their fork events.

Cosmic Critters

The Fool, also known as Cosmic Juggler

Cosmic critters are the original beings whose existence is intricately woven into the fabric of the Cosmos. These extraordinary entities, unlike historical and mythical critters, emerge directly from the cosmic dance between the primordial forces of the universe, as described in the Cosmogony.

The Cosmogony, an epic poem written by the Poet, recounts the genesis of the universe, underlining the crucial role of two primordial entities, the Fool and the King. Their interplay and resulting balance birthed the Cosmos and the First critters, the earliest known cosmic critters.

Among the first critters were the Fate, an elusive vulpes; the Fall, a mighty canis; and the Time, an all-seeing bubo. These entities were the manifestation of the Fool and the King's combined energies, born from the primordial dance that molds the universe.

NameOrigintitleAlso Known as
The FoolCosmogonyCosmic JugglerThe one who bring order to chaos
The KingCosmogonyCosmic ShufflerThe one who brings chaos to order
The FallCosmogonyMight CanisThe one who captures any creature
The FateCosmogonyElusive VulpesThe one who never can be caught
The TimeCosmogonyAll-Seeing BuboThe one who witness everything

Table 1. Complete list of cosmic Critters


The Fake, also known as the Master Forger

Forgers are beings capable of manipulating the timeforming, fixing violations in the stream of reality. Their story is told by the the Poet in the epic poem Cosmogony, together with the origin of the cosmic critters. The Cosmogony is an artistical interpretation of the forces over the Log and there's no historical evidence of their existence beyond the Myths.

As the forgers are the ones whose work to maintain the integrity of the persistent reality, each forger has a specific role in the Log structure, briefly described in the table below, and described with more detail in their articles on the legendaries' critters section.

nameorigintitlealso known as
The FakeCosmogonyMaster ForgerThe one who replicate all the things
The WordCosmogonySeed ForgerThe one who create from nothing
The LoopCosmogonyCycle ForgerThe one who keep the wheels turning
The MazeCosmogonyPath ForgerThe one who bend the space
The SilkCosmogonyDream ForgerThe one who operate the dreams
The DarkCosmogonyShadow ForgerThe one who shape the boundaries
The MeltCosmogonyTime ForgerThe one who shape the time
The RiseCosmogonyLight ForgerThe one who shape the light

Table 2. Complete list of Forger Critters


Critter Derp, one of The first Wandereres

Wanderers are critters capable of maintaining their consciousness through loop renewals, unlike critters, who revert to their initial state. The origins of their powers are unknown since the wanderers have their origin as common critters on the known until they awake from the loop through an innate ability to traverse the challenges of time and space. ~First Wanderers~ are the ones who reunite themselves through a critterhood and work to recruit new wanderers in the known realms. ~Last Wanderers~ are the ones who live by their own rules and are free critters in a nomadic and usually solitary life. Wanderers have an innate passion to walk and to the contemplation of life. Many of them become painters and poets and live under their own rules within the Log.


Critter Pent, a distinguished librarian

The librarians comprise a group of critters from various realms, dedicated to the noble pursuit of accruing and preserving knowledge. They work under the directive of the the Tale, known as ~Master Librarian.~ This exceptional entity wields a unique Candle Relic, enabling it to inhabit the intermediary spaces connecting libraries across all realms.

Under the guidance of the Tale, ordinary librarian critters labor tirelessly to compile an ever-expanding repository of knowledge. Despite grappling with a short-term memory log, a condition that temporarily disrupts their memory retention varying from realm to realm, they execute their duties with unwavering commitment.

LibraryRealmFoundedLoop DurationSize
Misty Peaks LibraryMyth50 Pre-Fork I1001 days18,000 itens
Naval LibrarySteam200 Pre-Fork II80 world days1,1 million itens
Pistonburg University LibraryDiesel100 Pre-Fork III7 world days340,000 itens
Local LibraryAtom50 Pre-Fork IV42 world days5,000 itens
Mithraeum LibraryCyber3300 Pre-Fork V1 world days2,4 billion itens

Table: Each Library and its main characteristics

All the librarian efforts support the Tale, which meticulously curates this vast reservoir of information within the unending pages of the Codex Perpetuum. This monumental manuscript symbolizes the ceaseless accumulation of knowledge across all realms, safeguarded for the benefit of future generations deployed in the Log.


Critter Lids, one of The Sleepwalkers

The Sleepwalkers represent a unique group of critters hailing from various realms, who reside outside the conventional rules of the Log. They exist in an elevated state of consciousness, living out their lives in the dreamscape--a parallel reality masterminded by the Silk, a forger with the rare ability to shape and manipulate the realm of dreams.

This dreamscape was initially conceived as an equilibrium plane, designed to balance the emotional states and expectations of critters within the Log. However, this hidden realm gradually evolved into the Silk's kingdom--an unrestricted canvas where they could craft and create without any imposed limitations.

Critters who start to exist within the intersections of these two planes gradually become Sleepwalkers. The actions they perform within their dreams have the potential to influence the Log and, in turn, events in the Log can shape their dreams. This interplay blurs the boundaries between the two realms, resulting in the augmentation of the Silk's powers as the distinctions between reality and dreamscape become increasingly nebulous.


Critter Gale, one of the 47 Ronins

Donning characteristic wicker hats, the Ronins are critters with special abilities that can belong to any realm. They are nomads without a lord, free to roam between realms, similar to the wanderers, although it remains unclear if they also possess persistent memory or not. In the Log, they are known for joining forces to fight on the side they're considered right. Some Ronins fight bravely within the Rebels in the Neo-Bam Civil War at the urge of the Fork V.

A popular librarian's theory suggests that the 47 Ronins could be wanderers with a warrior lineage. Despite their martial roots, some are known to also dabble in other secular arts like poetry and music, further adding to their enigmatic nature.

Ronins are also recognized for their unique bond with the Wind. The Wind whispers its words through the trees, and it is believed that only the Ronins have the gift to perceive these whispered messages, following the paths these whispers lead them on.


A Cultist

The term ~cultists~ refers to a broad category encompassing numerous subclasses. Typically, these cultists share a profound connection with the pivotal fork events and the unique histories of their respective realms.

A dedicated category, Cults, provides an in-depth section about each distinct cult, elucidating their intricate ideologies, practices and history in greater detail.

In the table below, each Cultist subclass is followed by its main characteristics and the Cult there are parts.

SacerdotsSoror, Pope and Priest clothesAllThe Church
WizardsWizard ClothesMythAurora Consurgens
ApostolsWitch and Sorcerer ClothesMythOrder of Ninth Sun
BrothersAdmiral, FlapperSteamFraternity of the Gilded Cog
DiggersCraftsman OverallsSteamDiggers
HermetusCopper Helmets, Copper GogglesSteamHermetic Order of the Eel
WarlocksWarlocks ClothesDieselTenebris Lux
SynchronistsDandy ApparelDieselSynchronists
CinephilesVampire Cloak, Mummy LinenDieselCinephiles
WatchersYellow Raincoat, Red RaincoatAtomBirdwatchers
MagesMages ClothesAtomBowline Critterhood
ChildrensSaint RobeAtomChilldren of Moss
DataistsVR Helmets and TechclothesCyberDataists
CloakersDisguises, Raincoats and MasksCyberCloakers

Table 3. Complete list of cultists subclasses

Mythical Critters

The Ruby, a mythical critter

Mythical critters are unique beings with extraordinary abilities, possessing the capacity to retain their consciousness through loop renewals, a characteristic distinguishing them from regular critters, who revert to their original state.

Predominantly, mythical critters originate post-fork, although a select few trace their beginnings to wanderers. Some mythical critters possess entirely unknown origins, like the enigmatic dark entities the Dusk, the Murk, and the Seek. Others, such as the Ruby, inhabit the Log and follow their unique principles.

NameOriginShort Description
The DivePost-Fork IIOnce a wanderer, became the master of water boundaries
The DuskUnknownA Void Spirit, inhabitant of the realms' boundaries
The FragPost-Fork VAn ancient critter that reigns over a large glitch area
The GoldPost-Fork IThe Aurora Consurgens leader
The MageGlitchA mighty mage, living between realms
The MassPost-Fork IIIm = E / c^2
The MoonPost-Fork IIA genius of their time, also known as the Last Alchemist
The MurkUnknownA Void Spirit, inhabitant of the realms' boundaries
The PoetPost-Fork IOnce a wanderer, became the greatest artist of the Log
The RubyPost-Fork IIOnce a wanderer, became a relics hunter
The RustPost-Fork VA central figure in the Data Wars
The SagaUnknownA mythical critter that travels across the world
The SeekUnknownA Void Spirit, inhabitant of the realms' boundaries
The ShowGlitchThe mythical rider of the wilderness
The TalePost-Fork IOnce a wanderer, became the Master Librarian
The WindGlitchThe critter who becomes one with the wind
The WiseUnknownThe first Entis critter
The YokeUnknownThe one who lives above the Cache

Table 4. Complete list of mythical critters

Historical Critters

The Hash, a historical critter from the Cyber Realm

Historical critters are distinct beings known for their historical significance. Some possess remarkable abilities, like the capability to maintain their consciousness through loop renewals, much like mythical critters or wanderers. However, unlike their mythical counterparts, historical critters often have their narratives intertwined with the pre-fork history of their respective realms.

While certain historical critters can retain memory, the majority of them reside exclusively within their realms, rarely, if ever, crossing their boundaries. This strong connection to their realms allows them to serve as living links to the history and evolution of their specific territories.

NameOriginConsciousnessShort Description
The BoldPre-Fork VPersistentThe crittoid sent to the past
The DamnPost-Fork IPersistentThe first Ossum critter
The FilmPre-Fork IIIProphetThe Cinephile's master and cinema pioneer
The GlowPost-Fork IIIUnknownAn electric-proof porcelain crittoid
The IronPre-Fork VDay-LogA central figure in the Data Wars
The LifePost-Fork IPersistentThe first Tree critter
The LostPre-Fork IVDay-LogA critter who saw the entire Cosmos in a hole
The LeadPre-Fork VProphetA powerful dark alchemist
The HashPre-Fork VPersistentThe mastermind of the Cloakers
The NeonPre-Fork VOmniscientA spirit born from the Singularity Event
The SnowPre-Fork IDay-LogThe lonely king of the Misty Peaks
The TapePre-Fork VUnknownAn extremely dangerous executable file
The FirePre-Fork IIIDay-LogA brilliant scientist in a dangerous workplace

Table 5. Complete list of historical critters