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BLEND ZONE: refers to an area where two or more realms overlap, creating a glitch in the Log.

CACHE: refers to expansive undefined areas within the Log, in oposition to the realms.

COSMIC CRITTERS: are the original beings whose existence is intricately woven into the fabric of the universe.

COSMOGONY: is an epic poem written by the Poet which intends to explain the mythological origins of the Log.

COSMOLOGY: is a scientific discipline focused on the study of celestial entities and phenomena, and is instrumental in examining and comprehending the universe beyond the World, especially in the context of the Log.

CREATURES: are the critters classification according their morphological characteristics.

CRITTERS: are the inhabitants of the Log forked from the persistent reality.

CRITTER CLASSES: are the different types of critters that inhabit the Log. The known classes are Cosmic Critters, Librarians, Wanderers, and Forgers.

CULTS: the characterists and history of each cult: Aurora Consurgens, the Birdwatchers, the Bowline Critterhood,the Chilldren of Moss, the Cinephiles, the Cloakers, the Dataists, the Diggers, the Fraternity of the Gilded Cog, the Hermetic Order of the Eel, the Order of Ninth Sun, the Synchronists, the Tenebris Lux, and The Church.

FORGERS: are the beings capable of manipulating the timeforming, fixing violations in the stream of reality.

FORKS: are the event in which a slice of the reality is forged in the Log, the characteristics and context of each fork: Fork I (Splendor Solis), Fork II (Fulminis Solis), Fork III (Ignis Solis), Fork IV (Foramen Solis), and Fork V (Nexus Solis).

GLITCHES: events or objects that seem to exist outside the normal flow of time, defying conventional logic and understanding. Examples include objects that appear to be from different periods or locations, individuals who seemingly exist in multiple places at once, or events that occur in an illogical sequence.

LIBRARIANS: are a class of critters from any Realm that works accruing knowledge for the ~Master Librarian,~ the Tale.

LOOP: is the amount of time forked from a paradox, which will keep being repeated in a realm until the paradox can be solved by the Forgers.

MORPHOLOGY: is a scientific discipline focused on the study of the spatial organization in the Log and phenomena.

PERSISTENT REALITY: is the same as ~World,~ a coherent and continuous order of things. The World doesn't accept paradoxes, which are forked or fixed by forgers.

PARADOXES: are the event that triggers a fork, the alternate version of reality contained in a Realm.

RELICS: are items an object or article of significance that gives abilities to the critter that owns it. The known relics are Autumn, Winter, Providence, Synth, Fireball, Bomb, Candle, Deer, Diamond, Feather, Eclipsis, Pendulum, Spiral, Spring, Summer, and Ufo.

REALMS: are vast, well-defined areas within the Log. They originate from massive paradoxes and require complex, prolonged tasks from forgers to resolve. The known realms are five: Myth Realm, Steam Realm, Diesel, Atom Realm, and Cyber Realm.

SUNS: are the stars that illuminate the Log. The known Suns from each realm are Splendor Solis, Fulminis Solis, Ignis Solis, Foramen Solis, and Nexus Solis.

TIMEFORMING: is a complex and fascinating phenomenon that occurs within the areas of the Log. It is the process in which a location changes in time, resulting in alterations to the environment, inhabitants, and even the very fabric of existence

WANDERERS: are a class of critters capable of maintaining their consciousness through loop renewals, unlike Critters, who revert to their initial state.