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A comprehensive list of all the relics in the Log, their powers and their classes.

Synth Pyramid

Synth Pyramid Relic

The Synth Pyramid, a relic from the post-fork era, belongs to the Seeker class. This artifact is unique for its ability to facilitate ~crossloop transit,~ a powerful skill that navigates through different timelines. It's the rarest and most powerful relic in the Log, and it's coveted by many.


Providence Relic

Providence, a pre-fork relic, is associated with the Seer class. It is recognized for granting its bearer the ability of ~crossloop vision,~ permitting a glimpse across different loops within the Log, allowing to see how the actions can modify the present.


Candle Relic

The Candle is a post-fork relic attributed to the Shifter class. Known for its power of ~inter-realms communication,~ the Candle facilitates dialogues across various dimensions of the Log. Establishing connections with entities from other realities and it's commonly associated with spiritual practices by some cults.


Spiral Relic

The Spiral, a post-fork artifact, is part of the Shifter class. It possesses the skill of ~crossloop self-communication,~ allowing its bearer to interact with their counterparts in another Loop. This power can offer invaluable insights and guide the decision-making process within the Log. Their visions are commonly associated with hallucinations, and personality disorders and can easily drive the user to madness.


Pendulum Relic

The Pendulum, a pre-fork relic, is affiliated with the Seeker class. It bestows upon its holder the power of ~inter-realms transit,~ enabling them to journey across different realities. Some cults use this relic for hypnotic practices, and to connect with other realities through an out-of-body experience.


Deer Relic

Emerging from the pre-fork period, the Deer relic is a central asset of the Seer class. The Deer grants the capacity for ~outer realms vision,~ revealing sights from distant unknown dimensions and even the Cache areas. It's the most dangerous relic, and can easily drive the user to madness.


Feather Relic

The Feather, a pre-fork artifact, belongs to the Weaver class. It's associated with the ability to make ~persistent creations,~ a skill that allows the user to create objects that persist across different loops of the Log. It's the most valuable relic for librarians since they can use it to record their work.


Autumn Relic

Autumn, a pre-fork relic, is a crucial tool for the Healer class. Its power lies in ~mental healing,~ a skill imperative for maintaining the mental health of entities within the Log. It's commonly used by cults for healing rituals and can be an important protection against dangerous activities.


Winter Relic

Hailing from the pre-fork era, the Winter relic is associated with the Weaverclass. The power of ~crossloop manipulation,~ enables the holder to reshape the interconnected loops of the Log. The Winter's ability to influence the very fabric of reality renders it an influential relic in the Log.


Spring Relic

The Spring, an artifact from the pre-fork period, belongs to the Healer class. Gifted with the power of ~body healing,~ it provides the means to mend physical ailments within the Log. In a universe where physicality can differ across various realities, the restorative capability of the Spring relic is truly priceless.


Summer Relic

The Summer relic, originating from the pre-fork period, is attributed to the Seeker class. With the skill of ~outer realms transit,~ it empowers its bearer to journey through the distant reaches of the Log. Its potential to unlock unexplored domains makes the Summer a beacon of exploration and discovery in the Log..


Diamond Relic

The Diamond, a pre-fork relic, is linked to the Seer class. It carries the powerful ability of ~foreseeing events,~ granting the user glimpses into the possible futures of the Log. This ability to anticipate the unseen makes the Diamond a highly sought-after relic among the entities in the Log.


Fireball Relic

Fireball relic, of pre-fork origin, is associated with the Weaver class. With its ability of ~Log manipulation,~ it permits the holder to alter the Log's sequences and paths. Given the Log's intricate complexity, the Fireball relic holds significant influence within the multitude of realities it encompasses


Bomb Relic

The Bomb, a post-fork artifact, belongs to the Weaver class. Its potent power of ~time manipulation~ allows its user to control the flux of time within the Log, either accelerating or decelerating its flow. With such control, this relic has been pivotal in countless events within the Log.


Ufo Relic

The Ufo, a relic from the post-fork era, is associated with the Shifter class. This relic's singular power, termed ~entis communication,~ enables its possessor to establish contact with and share information with any entis within the Log. This capability facilitates unity and understanding across various realms. However, it also means the holder's thoughts and sights are accessible to the entis, especially the Wise.


Eclipsis Relic

Hailing from the post-fork period, the Eclipsis is a prized artifact of the Seer class. It grants its bearer the ability of ~inter-realms vision,~ allowing them to observe multiple realities simultaneously and multiple suns from other realms. In some cults, the Eclipsis is used for ritual practices, and as a source of knowledge from other realities. Their visions are commonly associated with hallucinations and can easily drive the user to madness.