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Relics are objects of profound significance within the Log, possessing abilities that are bestowed upon the critter who owns them. These are typically ordinary objects, their extraordinary power remaining largely imperceptible to the vast majority of critters. The bearers of these relics themselves are often unaware of the potent capabilities they hold.

Certain enlightened cults, however, recognize and harness the power of these relics for their purposes. The Aurora Consurgens and the Hermetic Order of the Eel are among several cults that view relics as crucial elements of their beliefs and practices.

The term ~relic~ originates from the latin word reliquiae, signifying ~remains,~ and is derived from the latin verb relinquere, meaning ~to leave behind, or abandon.~

Relics are categorized based on two dimensions - purpose and timeline. As per their purpose, relics fall into one of five classes, each intended for a unique function. In terms of timeline, relics are classified as either pre-fork or post-fork. The following table provides a comprehensive overview of the relics, detailing their respective classes, abilities, and their affiliation with a particular fork.

Synth PyramidPost-ForkSeekerCrossloop Transit72
ProvidencePre-ForkSeerCrossloop Vision81
CandlePost-ForkShifterInter-Realms Communication74
SpiralPost-ForkShifterCrossloop Self-Communication99
PendulumPre-ForkSeekerInter-Realms Transit94
DeerPre-ForkSeerOuter realms Vision94
FeatherPre-ForkWeaverPersistent Creations95
AutumnPre-ForkHealerMental Healing76
WinterPre-ForkWeaverCrossloop Manipulation87
SpringPre-ForkHealerBody Healing96
SummerPre-ForkSeekerOuter realms Transit80
DiamondPre-ForkSeerForeseeing Events84
FireballPre-ForkWeaverLog Manipulation88
BombPost-ForkWeaverTime Manipulation97
UfoPost-ForkShifterAlien Communication91
Eclipsis Post-ForkSeerInter-Realms Vision95


Seer relics, such as Providence, Spiral, Deer, and Diamond, endow their bearers with expanded perceptual capabilities across various realms. Often heralded as the 'eyes of the Log', these relics enable their users to perceive multiple timelines, predict potential futures, and communicate across different realities. Each Seer relic, while differing in specific abilities, shares the common trait of offering insights that defy the conventional limits of space and time.


Shifter relics, like the Synth Pyramid, Candle, Ufo, and Eclipsis, bestow the remarkable ability to traverse different realms or timelines. Users of these relics can effortlessly navigate the multifaceted universe, shifting between diverse realities and time frames. The freedom and mobility offered by these relics are unparalleled, making them invaluable assets for exploration and evasion within the intricate web of the pre and post-fork universe.


Relics belonging to the Seeker class, including the Synth Pyramid, Pendulum, and Fireball, bestow their users with remarkable abilities that aid in exploration and navigation of various realms. These relics are like beacons in the dark, illuminating the path for their users. The Seeker relics are invaluable assets for leading their users through the vast and intricate labyrinth of realities in the Log.


Weaver relics like Feather, Winter, Summer, and Bomb, empower their bearers with the capacity to manipulate reality in diverse ways. Whether it's creating enduring constructs, altering past occurrences, or modifying the memory cache of an individual or a place, these relics allow their users to weave reality into new patterns. A Weaver user becomes a veritable artisan of reality, capable of reshaping the universe to their will.


Healer relics, namely Autumn and Spring, offer the gift of restorative abilities, both mental and physical. These relics channel potent healing energies, capable of mending wounds, curing diseases, or calming distressed minds. The life-saving capabilities of these relics make them highly sought after, as they bring hope and restoration during times of crisis or conflict.