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Hermetic Order of the Eel

A member of the Hermetic Order of the Eel
nameHermetic Order of the Eel
RealmSteam Realm
Foundation120 years Pre-Fork II
TypePhilosophical group, scientifical group


The Hermetic Order of the Eel is a notable society located in Crescent Bay, part of the Steam Realm. Established centuries before the event known as the Fork II, the Order represents a unique confluence of technological innovation and spiritual inquiry, focused on exploring the applications of electricity in the creation of life.

Members of the Order are a diverse group of scholars and mystics. They have a shared interest in understanding electricity not just as a physical phenomenon, but also as a potential life-giving force. This is reminiscent of historical debates about the boundary between life and non-life, as well as contemporary discussions about the ethical implications of critter manipulation of life processes.

A member of the Hermetic Order of the Eel

The Order's name is derived from the eel, a creature known for its natural bioelectric capabilities. This symbolizes the Order's research into biotechnology, which involves the utilization of bioelectricity from eels in various experimental procedures. The Order's is pioneering in the research is conducted submarine laboratories, which are located in the depths of the Crescent Bay.

The Order stands as a third path between the anti-technology Diggers and the pro-technology Fraternity of the Gilded Cog, representing an amalgamation of spiritual reverence and technological advancement, and the tree groups played an important role in the events leading up to the Fork II. See the main article about the Fork II: Fulminis Solis.