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Aurora Consurgens

A member of the Aurora Consurgens
nameAurora Consurgens
RealmMyth Realm
TypeSecret society, alchemical group
LeaderThe Gold


The Aurora Consurgens is a secretive and enigmatic society in the Myth Realm that has long been fascinated by the ancient art of alchemy. Drawing upon centuries of alchemical knowledge, the group's main objective is the pursuit of the ~Great Work~ – which includes the transmutation of base metals into noble ones and the discovery of the elixir of life.

Members of the Aurora Consurgens dedicate themselves to the study of occultism, myths, and magic, seeking to unravel the mysteries of the natural world and harness its hidden energies. By unlocking the secrets of alchemy, they hope to achieve not only material wealth and power but also spiritual enlightenment and immortality.

The Gold

The society is highly selective in its membership, inviting only the most knowledgeable and dedicated practitioners of alchemy to join their ranks. This secretive approach has allowed them to maintain a low profile, even as they continue their research and experiments in the shadows.

Pursuit of Relics by the Aurora Consurgens

Although they are a pre-fork society, part of their knowledge seems to have merged post-fork elements. The most explicit example is their pursuit of relics, especially the fireball relics, which they believe can be used to transmute metals into gold. After a failed attempt at transmuting metal with the manipulation of fireball relics, an ancient member of the cult became the legendary critter the Gold, the later leader of the group, since they acquired a persistent memory or infinite knowledge.

NameAlchemical UsageSuccessful Experiment
Synth PyramydPurgationPurification of Water
ProvidenceSublimationCreation of applejack elixir (brandy)
CandleCalcinationCreation of Heat-Resistant Wax
SpiralExuberationInvention of the Bouncy Potion
FeatherSeparationCreation of the Invisible Ink
AutumnConjunctionBlending of Pumpkin Spice Latte
WinterPutrefactionDecomposition of Unwanted Fruitcake
SpringFixationCure of Hangover
SummerSolutionDissolution of Brain Freeze
DiamondFermentationAgeing of Sparkling Wine
FireballTransmutationInvention of Lark's tongue Pudinng
EclipsisProjectionManifestation of Shadow Puppets Without Light