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The Church

A sacerdot of the Church
nameThe Church
RealmMyth, Steam, Diesel, Atom, Cyber Realm
Foundation666 Pre-Fork I
TypeReligious group, political group


The Church is a resilient religious group that has allegedly persisted for centuries, with its origins tracing back to 666 years before the Fork I. Although the Church has never been explicitly linked to any official religious institution, its actions and ideology exhibit a strong commitment to maintaining a strict theological orthodoxy and actively eliminating heretical beliefs. Some of the key principles that guide the Church include defending the sanctity of their faith, preserving the purity of their doctrine, and ensuring spiritual authority remains unchallenged.

The group is said to maintain a tacit alliance with various spiritual authorities, which has allowed them to extend their reach and influence across different realms. This relationship, although unspoken, seems to be one of mutual benefit: the Church works to eradicate threats to the established order, while in return, it receives support and protection from powerful entities.

Another sacerdot of the Church

Over the years, the Church has been linked to numerous events and incidents, many of which involve the persecution of alleged heretics. While concrete evidence of their involvement is often scarce, the group's persistent presence in these events has led many to believe in their continued existence and influence.

In conclusion, the Church represents a fascinating and enigmatic piece of history, serving as a testament to the complex relationship between religious institutions, power, and the ever-present need to preserve a sense of order in an unpredictable world.