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Cosmology, as a scientific discipline focused on the study of celestial entities and phenomena, is instrumental in examining and comprehending the universe beyond the World, especially in the context of the Log. It plays a key role in deciphering the characteristics and interrelationships of various realms, as well as the scientific implications of celestial occurrences.

The fundamental basis of this section is derived from the four volumes of ~Sidereus Creaturam.~ This seminal work was penned by the Moon, an enigmatic critter hailing from the Steam Realm, often referred to as the Last Alchemist.

The Doughnut: 1 - The loopings; 2 - The band of events crossing the loopings

The Cosmos in a Doughnut

The Moon presents a unique perspective on the structure of the Cosmos. In the introduction to ~Sidereus Creaturam,~ the Moon argues that the book is an attempt to resolve a millennial misunderstanding about the origin of the ~logos.~ It is not clear what the Moon is referring to when mentioning ~logos~: if it is the philosophical term logos (reason), or a reference to the Vulgate's opening ~in principio erat verbum~ (verbum = logos), which also presents an explanation for the Universe's origin.

The Moon's writings were considered ~cheap esoterism~ among their contemporaries in the Steam Realm. However, they have gained renewed importance under the scrutiny of the Librarian's studies, positioning the Moon's teachings as the only plausible explanation for the Log's intricate cosmic system.

Unlike the familiar model of the universe where space-time is often visualized as a flat plane or a three-dimensional grid, the Moon suggests a model that can best be compared to a doughnut, or in mathematical terms, a torus.

The different realm's suns conjunction in the doughnut model

In the Moon's model, the realms are envisaged as distinct layers within the doughnut. Each layer represents a different reality, separate yet intricately intertwined with the others in the cosmic structure. This structure allows for a degree of flexibility and interaction that is absent in conventional models of the universe.

Time and space within the doughnut are not linear or static. Instead, they exhibit complex dynamics, often bending, folding, and interconnecting in ways that challenge conventional understanding. This results in a Cosmos where time can loop back on itself, and space can exist in multiple states simultaneously.

The conical model of forking realities: 1 - The Observer; 2 - Streams of infinite loops; 3 - Persistent Reality (World)

The Cornetto Model

The doughnut model proposes a multiverse consisting of multiple loops of an event layered upon each other. Each layer represents the alternative reality that coexists within the same cosmic structure, though the nature of their interconnections is complex and elusive.

In this model, time and space are fluid and multi-dimensional. They twist and intersect in intricate patterns, allowing realities to interact and influence one another. The result is a Cosmos where time can flow in diverse directions, and space can exist in a multitude of states simultaneously.

For reality stays coherent, the perspective of the observer plays a critical role. An observer at the top of the cornetto would perceive the Log differently from an observer at the bottom. This introduces an element of relativity to the understanding of the Log, reflecting the observer-dependent nature of reality.

Celestial Phenomena

Celestial Phenomena are astronomical or atmospherical occurrences that have profound effects on the realms, influencing their development and shaping the beliefs and practices of the critters inhabiting them. The traditional heliocentric model doesn't work to understand


This event marks a moment when the celestial bodies of different realms align perfectly, causing a fleeting yet profound connection between these realms. This can result in unpredictable effects, from unprecedented surges of light and energy to extreme temporal distortions.


An Eclipse is a rare event in which a celestial body, such as a moon or planet, passes directly between the Sun and a realm, casting a shadow on the realm and causing a temporary period of darkness. This event has been observed to have powerful mystical effects and can trigger significant changes in the affected realm.

Solar Storm

The Solar Storm is an event that results in the apparent duplication of celestial bodies, an occurrence that has been hypothesized to result from a momentary ripple in the fabric of spacetime. This event is often accompanied by heightened temporal anomalies.

Stellar Spiral

The Stellar Spiral occurs when several celestial bodies seem to swirl around a central point in the sky. Often, this event accompanies the manifestation of large, reality-altering forces within the Log. Each Stellar Spiral has its unique patterns and effects, depending on the celestial bodies involved.

Meteor Shower

The Spectral Meteor Shower is a celestial spectacle where numerous glowing meteors streak across the sky, each appearing as a brief flash of light. In the lore of many critters, these meteor showers are believed to herald significant events or signal the advent of powerful entities.

Asteroid's Passage

The Asteroid's Passage denotes the trajectory of an asteroid as it journeys close to a realm. Unlike comets, asteroids are primarily composed of mineral and rock. Their appearance in the vicinity of a realm can signify a period of potential upheaval or change, as these space rocks have been known to leave lasting imprints on the realms they encounter.

Double Eclipse

A Double Eclipse happens when two celestial bodies consecutively block the light from a sun or a star, casting two shadows onto a realm. This back-to-back occurrence is believed to have potent influences on the Log's dynamics and is considered a significant celestial event.

Electric Storm

This phenomenon is characterized by the electrically charged atmospheres of nearby celestial bodies interacting to produce an awe-inspiring display of lightning storms in the Log's sky. It is often believed to be a manifestation of the Forger's raw energy.

Annular Eclipse

An Annular Eclipse happens when a celestial body moves directly between a realm and its sun, but due to its relative size, it only obscures the sun's center, leaving a 'ring of fire' visible in the sky. It is a sign of the intricate balance of forces in the cosmos.


Also known as a "sun dog", a Parhelion is an atmospheric phenomenon that creates bright spots of light around the sun, often on a luminous ring or halo. It represents the refractive mysteries of the cosmos and its ability to surprise and bewilder.

Noctilucent Clouds

Noctilucent clouds, or night shining clouds, are tenuous cloud-like phenomena that are visible in a deep twilight. They are the highest clouds in the Earth's atmosphere and often signify the interactions between realms and their atmospheric conditions.


Quasars are the most luminous objects in the universe, powered by the accretion of material into supermassive black holes. Their presence denotes regions of extreme cosmic energy and are often seen as guiding beacons in the vastness of the Log.


The Nuke is an intense burst of energy, echoing the creation or destruction of realms. It is both revered and feared, signaling great changes in the Log's structure.


The Coronarium is an ethereal halo that occasionally appears around the suns. This phenomenon occurs when solar winds, charged with immense energy, interact with a realm's atmosphere. The result is the formation of radiant clouds that shimmer with a luminescence, a spectacle that paints the skies with an array of colors.

False Sunrise

The False Sunrise is a captivating celestial phenomenon where the horizon illuminates with the brilliance of a rising sun, but without the sun's actual presence. Often mistaken for the dawn, this event is caused by the intricate interplay of light with the atmosphere, bending and refracting in a manner that mimics the true sunrise.