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The Solar Dome

The Log allows the vision of numerous Suns from different realms, as well as Suns of unknown origin. Currently, nine such Suns are cataloged within the Log, and they fall into two distinct categories: Forked Suns and Cache Suns.

Forked Suns are born in the aftermath of Fork events, with each new Fork heralding the arrival of a new Sun in the Log's sky. Conversely, Cache Suns, or ~Alchemical Suns,~ stem from unknown origins, hinting at the existence of unexplored regions within the Cache.

Forked Suns

Forked Suns are celestial bodies born in the aftermath of the Fork events. Each of these Suns exerts unique influences on the realms. As every realm has a different number of world days in its loops, each Sun follows distinctive patterns in the sky. For instance, the Nexus Sun can be seen every day, as the Cyber realm loop lasts one world day, while the Splendor Sun is visible every one thousand-eleven world days. Most critters can observe only their own Sun, but the variations can create unusual effects in the Log. Wanderers, or critters possessing an eclipsis relic, can observe multiple Suns in the sky simultaneously.


The Splendor Solis, sovereign of the Myth realm, came into existence following the Great Work's paradox. As symbolic transmutation and rebirth materialized into literal transformations, this Sun became a beacon of this philosophical upheaval. Its golden rays reflect the realm's inherent duality, blurring the line between symbolism and reality, and linking every tale to the underlying paradox of the Great Work's literal manifestation.


The Fulminis Solis, was born amidst the turmoil of a paradox concerning pioneering electricity in the Steam realm. The paradox, a struggle between technological advancement and the realm's steam-driven status quo, birthed this ethereal sun. Its luminescence stands as a testament to the realm's constant evolution, fueling the gears and mechanisms of a world forever caught in the tension between innovation and preservation.


Born amidst uncertainty, the Ignis Solis radiates a fierce glow within the Diesel realm's paradox--a particle accelerator teetering on the brink of sabotage and critter ensnared in an enigmatic room. Inside this shrouded enclosure, it finds itself in the throes of a peculiar dilemma--has the accident occurred? Or has it been narrowly averted? Two realities coalesce into one, intertwining like strands of a complex cosmic tapestry. The Ignis Solis, with its flame-red radiance, burns bright, undeterred by the quandary that birthed it, illuminating a realm where certainty and doubt dance a perpetual waltz.


The Foramen Solis emerged from the Atom realm's paradox, rooted in the realm's tryst with Outerworld lifeforms. As the mysterious lake led to communication with alien forces, the repercussions of manipulation and subversion birthed this pristine sun. Its light, a beacon amidst uncertainty, signifies the quest for knowledge and its inherent risks, embodying the thrill and danger of cosmic contact.


Born from the paradox of artificial prediction determinism, the Nexus Solis presides over the Cyber realm. The event of algorithms predicting futures with unnerving accuracy and threatening the essence of free will gave birth to this digitally radiant sun. Its pulsating glow intertwines with the realm's digital pathways, symbolizing the realm's struggle between preordained outcomes and the unpredictability of sentient autonomy.

Cache Suns

Cache Suns, also known as ~Alchemical Suns,~ are not associated with any specific realm, yet their influence permeates all realms. The Ruby suggests that Cache Suns are atmospheric transformations of regular suns throughout the day1. A different interpretation comes from the cultists of the Myth Realm, who propose that these suns embody the various stages of the alchemical process and are believed to guide the development and transformation of the realms. The Order of Ninth Sun perceives them as symbols of growth, maturation, wisdom, and accomplishment, mirroring the journey every entity in the multiverse undertakes. From the transformative beginnings signified by the Nigredo Solis, through the stages of purification and enlightenment, to fulfillment and realization represented by the Rubedo Solis, these celestial bodies delineate the stages of development integral to the life cycle of multiverse entities.


The Nigredo Solis is cloaked in mystery. Its dark allure represents the decomposition and purification stage in the alchemical process, a symbol of transformative beginnings. Originating from various unknown sources, like glitches and other phenomena, it stands apart from the realm-bound Suns. This celestial body embodies the essence of alchemical transformation, the cycles of decay and rebirth.


The Albedo Solis shines with a purifying white light, a testament to the alchemical stage of cleansing and renewal. It emanates an ethereal glow, bringing about a feeling of rebirth and new beginnings. Unfettered by ties to any realm, it is an entity of universal resonance, drawing from various unknown origins.


Citrinitas Solis, the Yellow Sun, is said to represent the alchemical stage of transmutation and enlightenment. The sun's yellow light illuminates the passage of time, signifying the maturation and wisdom that come with experience. Its light serves as an allegory for the process of learning and growing, casting its luminescence on the elements of evolution and transformation.


The Rubedo Solis, the Red Sun, marks the culmination of the alchemical process. It is the epitome of self-realization and wholeness, a representation of achieving one's fullest potential. Its vibrant red light embodies passion, vitality, and dynamism, echoing the spirit of courage, determination, and perseverance. The Rubedo Solis signifies a realm of completion and accomplishment, where every entity reaches the zenith of its potential.

  1. The Ruby, from ~The Ruby Bottle's Letters~