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The Log's Nature

The Log serves as an alternate reality for critters, where beings and locations from various epochs coexist. Its primary function is to rectify time and space paradoxes that stem from a myriad of sources, such as incidents in persistent reality (the World), relic manipulations, and forgers' mistakes. This complex and enigmatic world operates under unique rules and phenomena, like glitches and timeforming, shaping the reality of its inhabitants. The mythical origins of the Log are described in detail in the Cosmogony section. Conversely, the scientific origins of the Log remain a topic of debate among theorists. The principal speculations can be found in the works of the Moon and the Ruby.

The Knot's model through 9 observations

The Log's Metamorphology

The Log is primarily recognized for its role in rectifying time paradoxes, but it also harbors numerous uncharted aspects shrouded in mystery. Unlike the World, which can be comprehended through a set of physical laws, the rules within the Log are uniquely different, resulting in a limited understanding of its operation. Despite this, a consensus exists among theories suggesting that the Log runs parallel to persistent reality. It acts as a separate plane where time and space are more flexible, seemingly designed to serve as a buffer zone protecting persistent reality from the potentially devastating consequences of paradoxes and breaches of time-space rules. This idea has been largely accepted by the wanderers and found resonance in the Moon's studies about the Universe's structure. However, the most reliable source for understanding the Log's structure comes from the Ruby's extensive annotations, as they are based on direct observation of the Log.

"The Log can be likened to a bundle of thread stowed away in your pocket. Each time you retrieve it, it presents a unique form, never the same shape twice.~

-- The Ruby, from ~The Ruby Bottle's Letters~

The spiraling croissant

The Spiraling Knot

The Ruby, renowned for exceptional navigational skills, is credited with the creation of the complex knot-work description of the Log. These knot-work fields, although derived from pure observation, are fundamentally mathematical, representing two-dimensional wave harmonics and describing the Log as something in continuous transformation. The knots are often represented by two spiraling forms in opposite directions, one internal and one external, like ~the vortex formed by beer flowing out from the hole of a barrel~1.

This understanding of order has similarities with the Moon's studies, but they fundamentally reach different conclusions, leading to heated debates among the librarians: the Moon's theory results in a doughnut-shaped Log, while the Ruby's theory suggests a croissant-shaped Log. Sparse annotations from the Ruby, give an image of how they interpret the Log form.

"Picture the Log as a plump croissant, its ends seamlessly connected. The realms are laminated dough and the Cache is the cream filling it. Consider that there is no outside perspective, only an internal vista. To truly grasp its form, one must adopt the viewpoint of the almond nestled within.~

-- The Ruby, text extracted from the back of a bingo ticket

Through their work, the Moon aimed to demonstrate that the spiral motion is a primary ordering principle in the universe - an 'implosive' mechanism that preserves structure instead of scattering it (as in explosions).

The spiral form of the Cosmic Egg, as drawn by the Poet in the last page of Cosmogony, has influenced a large number of cults, from every realm. The Hermetic Order of The Eel, has all their symbology built over the spiral eel, and even in the Church tradition, most historic baptismal sites are situated at points where two subterranean waterways intersect--it's believed that water and energy both spiral upwards at these locations, thereby purifying the surroundings.

Classification of the Log

Although the final form of the Log remains a topic of debate, it can be safely assumed that the Log exists as a shell containing an infinite array of dynamic, multi-layered realms. Depending on whether the structure of the Log follows the self-contained croissant or the doughnut model, areas within the Log can be broadly divided into two categories: the realms and the cache. There are no records of pure-Log life forms. Even smaller creatures and plants seem to originate from a realm created in the Log. Areas of abundant life, such as rivers and forests, can only be found in realms and glitches. The cache is primarily barren, devoid of life.

Realm areas are inhabited by critters, whereas the cache zones are traversed by wanderers and critters possessing specific relics. Wanderers are critters with unique abilities, and critters are proxy versions of individuals from the persistent reality.


Realms are vast, distinct zones within the Log, originating from colossal paradoxes and necessitating complex and extended rectification processes by forgers, in events known as forks. For more detailed information, please refer to the main article on Realms.


The cache denotes the expansive and undefined areas within the Log. These boundaries are nebulous, making it nearly impossible to define its beginning or end. As critters move through the cache, their consciousness changes due to a phenomenon known as timeforming. The cache itself is often described as a boundless wilderness, continually shifting and evolving with time. Its subtle, slow-paced changes add to its mystique, turning it into an endless frontier of exploration and discovery for wanderers.

Simultaneously, this flexibility in space within the cache also affects a critter's consciousness, often causing visions and hallucinations. Only wanderers and critters possessing a Candle Relic can traverse the cache without losing their consciousness. However, the cache's influence can trigger extraordinary experiences and perceptions, which would be impossible in the conventional world.

The cache provides the unique spectacle of multiple suns from various realms, even including suns from unknown realms. This sight defies ordinary physics laws, hinting at undiscovered places and beckoning the adventurous to unravel the cache's secrets.


Timeforming is a phenomenon unique to the Log's areas where location undergoes temporal changes, altering the environment, inhabitants, and the reality fabric itself. The process's exact mechanics remain a mystery but are tied to forgers' actions, who can manipulate the Log's structure.

Timeforming can cause significant environmental transformations like sudden appearances or disappearances of buildings, terrain changes, or weather pattern shifts. Those who witness them can experience changes in their memories, consciousness, and physical forms, causing confusion, disorientation, or an inability to recognize oneself or others.

The critters' mythology attributes the manifestation of timeforming mostly as a work of the Melt and the Maze, and the mythological explanations remain as the only source of information about the phenomenon.


The Gorger Glitch

Glitches are spatial and temporal anomalies that occur through Timeforming or other unknown sources and defy conventional logic and understanding. These anomalies can manifest in various ways, including objects appearing from different periods or locations, individuals existing in multiple places simultaneously, or events occurring out of sequence. Accompanying these glitches are often sudden changes in the environment, such as shifts in weather patterns or terrain transformations.

The area known as the ~Gorger Glitch,~ where the Frag resides, serves as a prime example of these phenomena. This notorious glitch features a hole of unknown depth, encircled by a gravity whirlpool, with the capability to draw anything into its bottomless pit.

In addition, the ocean in the Steam Realm teems with glitches. Through knowledge of these anomalies, the Ruby and the Dive have mastered navigation between realms.

Another remarkable glitch is located in the Chapel within the Atom Realm. This glitch serves as a communication channel between the Atom Realm and the beings that inhabit the Void: the Murk, the Dusk, and the Seek.

  1. The Ruby, ~The Rubby Bottle Letters~