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The Log encompasses five distinct realms, each possessing unique attributes. Although the existence of these five realms is well-attested, some speculative librarians propose the possibility of undiscovered realms hidden within the Universe. According to this hypothesis, each of the nine visible Suns may potentially correspond to an individual realm.

The table below presents a succinct overview of the primary attributes of the known realms - their founding period, the duration of their loops, the corresponding fork, and the estimated area they occupy within the Log.

RealmOriginLoop DurationForkEstimated Area (acres)
Myth288 Pre-Fork I1001 world daysI - Splendor Solis420,000 to 600,000
Steam500 Pre-Fork II80 world daysII - Fulminis Solis118,000 to 140,000
Diesel850 Pre-Fork III7 world daysIII - Ignis Solis212,000 to 342,000
Atom444 Pre-Fork IV42 world daysIV - Foramen Solis27,000 to 34,000
Cyber3300 Pre-Fork V1 world daysV - Nexus Solis178,000 to 190,000

Table: Each realm and its main characteristics

For a comprehensive understanding of each realm's nature, refer to their dedicated sections, in which the following content will be present:

GEOGRAPHY AND CLIMATE: This portion describes the realm's physical attributes and its weather patterns. It provides information about the regions within the realm and their unique characteristics. It also details any notable locations within the realm and the ecosystems they support.

PRE-FORK HISTORY: This section delves into the realm's history before the corresponding Fork, providing insights into the realm's foundation and the significant events that shaped its evolution.

NOTABLE PRE-FORK EVENTS: This part outlines the significant events before the Fork that played a crucial role in the realm's history and potentially led to the Fork event.