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Fork II: Fulminis Solis

Fork II is a major event in the history of Crescent Bay, marking the beginning of this Realm's History in the Log. This event caused the creation of the Steam Realm and is associated with the use of electricity in teleportation. Fork II is also known as the ~Fulminis Solis~ as it led to the emergence of a new Sun in the sky of the Log.

Fork Context

Crescent Bay was distinguished by the presence of several influential secret societies. These included the Fraternity of the Gilded Cog, a fraternity dedicated to technological innovation; the Hermetic Order of the Eel, a group of scholars and mystics fascinated by the mysteries of electricity; and the Diggers, a doomsday cult fearful that technology would herald the end of the world. These groups clashed, with their varying agendas and ideologies ultimately culminating in the events of the Fulminis Solis.

The Giant Electric Eel in the sky, also known as the Fulminis Solis

Fork Event

The Fork II event was deeply rooted in pioneering electricity experiments led by the Hermetic Order of the Eel. They managed to steal the Glow, an unparalleled engineering marvel capable of harnessing and manipulating electricity, during the XXXVIII Universal Fair.

With the Glow in their possession, the Order initiated experiments on animating lifeless beings through electricity, beginning with a frog's leg. These tests marked the first time electricity was used to reanimate a dead creature. The Order's ambitious pursuits didn't stop there, and they commenced testing the transference of consciousness through electricity from one being to another without physical contact1.

Meanwhile, the Diggers, a doomsday cult within Crescent Bay, kept a vigilant watch over the Order's actions. Thanks to their infiltrated members within the cult, the Diggers were informed about these revolutionary experiments and made efforts to disrupt the Order's progression.

However, the Hermetic Order of the Eel remained resolute. They expanded their focus to teleportation, aiming to harness the raw power of electricity to manipulate spatial dimensions. After managing to teleport a fly from one glass to another two meters apart, the Order speculated that a larger electrical charge would be needed for larger entities, such as a critter. This hypothesis led them on an expedition to study oceanic saltwater currents and their interaction with Earth's magnetic field.

The culmination of their large-scale Saltwater Electrolysis experiments resulted in a celestial phenomenon visible from the mainland, known as the ~Giant Electric Eel.~ This enormous luminescent form filled the sky over Crescent Bay for four nights, signaling a significant disruption in the fabric of reality.

As the fourth night concluded, reality finally succumbed, resulting in an event now known as the Fulminis Solis, marking the onset of Fork II. The celestial figure, the Giant Eel, disappeared, and a radiant beacon emerged in its place, symbolizing the Order's successful journey into the unknown and the intersection of technology and nature.


The ~Maelstrom Incident~, marking the start of the Fork II loop, was repeated several times in the Log, eventually giving rise to the Dive, recognized as a legendary wanderer. The maelstrom was later revealed to be a large glitch in the Log, subsequently classified as a ~blend zone~2.

The Ruby's Origin

The Ruby

The most significant figure Post-Fork II was the Ruby. Resting in their boat, in the middle of nowhere, the Ruby was the first to witness the radiant beacon that emerged from the Giant Eel, thousands of miles away. As a natural explorer and tracer, the Ruby was drawn to the beacon and began their journey towards it for the next four nights. As Fork II unfolded, the Ruby was the only known critter to witness the creation of a Realm in the Log and the complete Fork event in its entirety. It's unknown how the Ruby has its powers, but they attribute this to their possession of ~a very good boat~3. Driven by curiosity and wanderlust, the Ruby has become a legendary critter, traveling between realms and amassing relics and knowledge from all over the Log.

  1. Despite the high risks and the loss of some members to these perilous trials, the Order persevered, pioneering the first successful transference of consciousness via electricity, through the air.
  2. A blend zone is a place where two or more realms overlap, creating a glitch in the Log. These places are known to be dangerous and unstable, and librarians advise against visiting them.
  3. The Ruby is known to possess ~a very good boat, made with very good wood.~ It's a critter that can travel between realms and has persistent memory, being classified by the librarians as a legendary wanderer.