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Order of the Ninth Sun

A member of the Order of the Ninth Sun
nameOrder of the Ninth Sun
RealmMyth Realm
TypeReligious group, alchemichal group


The Order of the Ninth Sun, a mystical and enigmatic organization, has long been shrouded in secrecy. With roots in Myth Realm, this powerful order focuses on occultism and magical rituals rather than alchemy, as seen with the Aurora Consurgens. The group's members, though influential, have faced relentless persecution by the Church and religious authorities. Their primary interest lies in the four Solar Relics - Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer - which they believe possess the power to evoke new suns and enable communication with divine beings beyond our realm.

The Solar Relics and Their Significance

Central to the Order of the Ninth Sun's beliefs are the four solar relics. These relics, they argue, hold the key to unlocking a new age, allowing them to bring forth new suns and communicate with divine entities from beyond our world. By harnessing the power of these relics, the order aims to gain unparalleled wisdom and insight from these otherworldly beings, and amalgamate the reality in just one intricate plan.

RelicEntityDescriptionNeo Solis
AutumnNigredoThe blackening or melanosisThe Black Sun
WinterAlbedoThe whitening or leucosisThe White Sun
SpringCitrinitasThe yellowing or xanthosisThe Yellow Sun
SummerRubedoThe reddening, purpling, or iosisThe Red Sun

The Order's Rituals and Practices

Drawing on ancient occult knowledge, the order's members perform rites and invocations designed to evoke the energies of the relics, enabling them to commune with divine forces. While the specifics of these rituals remain shrouded in secrecy, they are believed to involve a combination of incantations, sigils, and talismans, all meticulously prepared and executed with precision. The adoration of the Mass is one of the main aspects of the main rituals from the Order, since they believe that The Mass is entity resposible for the Solar Genesis.

The Mass

The Order of the Ninth Sun has had a profound impact on the development and understanding of magic and occultism on the critters' history. Their focus on the solar relics and their belief in harnessing their power to communicate with divine beings has influenced various aspects of ancient magic, including divination, astrology, and the use of charms and amulets. The order's practices have also contributed to the evolution of magical theories and concepts, shaping the broader understanding of magic on the critters' history.

Persecution and Secrecy

Despite their vast knowledge and powerful members, the Order of the Ninth Sun has faced significant opposition from the church and religious authorities. Their focus on magic and the occult, coupled with their secretive nature, has led to their persecution, forcing them to operate clandestinely. The order's rituals and practices, heavily steeped in mysticism and ancient lore, further fuel suspicion and mistrust.