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Fraternity of the Gilded Cog

Critter Tola, one of the most influent members of the Gilded Cog
nameFraternity of the Gilded Cog
RealmSteam Realm
Foundation400 years Pre-Fork II
TypePolitical group, scientifical group


The Fraternity of the Gilded Cog is a prominent society based in Crescent Bay, a city situated in the Steam Realm. Founded 500 years before the Fork II (Fulminis Solis), the Fraternity has played a crucial role in shaping Crescent Bay's identity as a hub of technological innovation and progress.

Comprising a network of engineers, inventors, and scientists, the Fraternity is dedicated to the advancement of technology and the pursuit of knowledge. The organization's primary focus is on developing and refining steam and magnetic technologies, which have led to groundbreaking inventions and discoveries that revolutionized life in Crescent Bay.

The Grand Orrery, a colossal astronomical clock tower in the city center, stands as a symbol of the Fraternity's technological prowess. This marvel of engineering accurately tracks celestial movements, showcasing the organization's commitment to scientific advancement.

While the Fraternity of the Gilded Cog is primarily pro-technology, other factions with contrasting philosophies exist within Crescent Bay. The Hermetic Order of the Eel, for instance, focuses on the spiritual and life-giving aspects of electricity, while the Diggers hold anti-technology beliefs.

The Fraternity's influence extends to the events leading up to the Fork II (Fulminis Solis), although the specifics of their involvement remain a topic of debate. See the main article about the Fork II: Fulminis Solis.