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Critter Ford, the Diggers leader
RealmSteam Realm
Foundation40 years Pre-Fork II
TypeReligious group, political group, clandestine organization


The Diggers were a group of religious and political dissenters that originated from the Hammerites and Toolites, both ancient cults focused on the principles of manual labor and economic equality. They derived their name from their emphasis on digging and farming as a means to build a fair and equitable society. They aspired to reform the existing social order by establishing small, egalitarian rural communities, valuing cooperation and shared ownership of land and resources.

As part of their belief system, the Diggers viewed technological advances with suspicion, labeling them as heretical. They believed that electrical discoveries would ultimately lead the world toward an apocalypse. Consequently, they engaged in acts of sabotage at various facilities, which led to legal prosecution by the authorities. The Diggers were one of several nonconformist dissenting groups that emerged during the same period, all seeking to challenge and transform the prevailing social structures.