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A member of the Birdwatchers
RealmAtom Realm
FoundationPre-Fork IV
TypeRecreational group, secret society


The Birdwatchers is a group from the Atom Realm, established before the Fork IV. The organization's primary focus is birdwatching, which involves observing and appreciating birds as a leisure activity or a form of citizen science. Birdwatchers enjoy observing bird species in their natural habitats, typically using their eyesight, tools like binoculars or telescopes, and listening to bird calls. While the majority of the group's members engage in birdwatching for pleasure or socializing, their true objectives remain uncertain.

Their extensive knowledge of the Looney Lark Caves has raised suspicion among some wanderers, who speculate that the Birdwatchers may be a secret society created with similar aims as the Bowline Critterhood – exploring dimensional passages between realms.

The Birdwatchers display a keen interest in the Looney Lark Caves, where they carefully observe and document the behavior of the bird species inhabiting the area. The caves are known for their unique bird population, which has been historically used as a natural indicator of safety within the subterranean environment. The birds' sensitivity to changes in air quality and potential hazards has led to the caves being named after the Looney Lark, a bird species known for its early warning abilities.

In addition to their ornithological pursuits, the Birdwatchers have been linked to various political and sabotage activities. This has fueled speculation that the group's true purpose is not solely focused on birdwatching, but rather to gain access to and control over the dimensional passages hidden within the Looney Lark Caves.

Despite their seemingly innocuous name, the Birdwatchers' enigmatic intentions and possible connections to the secretive Bowline Critterhood have made them a subject of intrigue and concern within the Atom Realm.