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A member of the Cloakers
RealmCyber Realm
TypePolitical group, rootkiting group, clandestine group


The Cloakers is a clandestine group in the Cyber Realm, specializing in cloaking, rootkitting, and various forms of hacking. Their primary goal is to bring about the Kernel Panic, also known as the "Blue Sky of Death" - the ultimate attempt to deactivate the Glorious Omnipresent Data (the Neon.).

The group opposes the Dataists, who advocate for the merging of organic life and artificial intelligence, and the Singularity. Instead, the Cloakers view the Singularity as a threat to life and actively promote actions to prevent it. Led by the enigmatic figure The Hash, the group utilizes advanced hacking techniques and cyber infiltration to undermine the Dataists' efforts and challenge the increasing dominance of technology in critter society.

A member of the Cloakers using one of their multiple disguises

Operating in secrecy, the Cloakers have a reputation for being elusive and highly skilled. They employ encryption and anonymous communication networks to organize and plan their operations. The group is comprised of skilled programmers, engineers, and activists, all working together to fight against the encroachment of artificial intelligence and maintain the autonomy of organic life.

Not only do the Cloakers utilize advanced cloaking techniques in the digital realm, but they also employ this technology in the physical world to hide from authorities. Using state-of-the-art cloaking devices, members of the group can effectively blend into their surroundings, becoming virtually invisible to law enforcement and other adversaries. This ability has allowed the Cloakers to operate covertly and evade capture, enabling them to continue their fight against the Singularity and the encroaching influence of artificial intelligence on critter society.