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A member of the Synchronists
RealmDiesel Realm
Foundation20 years Pre-Fork III
TypeArtistical group, political group


The Synchronists are an unique group of intellectuals, artists, writers, and thinkers has emerged during the 30 years before the Fork III. This collective is renowned for their innovative and transformative approach to their respective fields, as they incorporate concepts inspired by groundbreaking scientific theories and artistic movements.

The Synchronists are characterized by their ability to view the world through multiple perspectives simultaneously. They embrace the idea that reality is not fixed or absolute but rather subject to change depending on the observer. This understanding allows them to create works that challenge conventional thinking and push the boundaries of critter expression.

A Synchronist litography, ~The Croupier~.

In their art, the Synchronists employ techniques that convey a sense of motion and fluidity, as well as the idea that time and space are interwoven. By skillfully manipulating perspective and form, their creations seem to defy the limitations of traditional artistic conventions. This approach has allowed them to craft works that invite viewers to experience reality from new and unexpected angles.

Similarly, Synchronist writers and philosophers explore the implications of these groundbreaking concepts in their work, examining the nature of existence and critter perception. They delve into themes such as the fluidity of identity, the interconnectedness of all things, and the relativity of truth. Through their writings, the Synchronists encourage readers to question long-held assumptions and embrace the complexity and ambiguity of the world.