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Bowline Critterhood

A member of the Bowline Critterhood
NameBowline Critterhood
RealmAtom Realm
FoundationUncertain, possibly Post Fork IV
TypeSecret society, occultist Group


The Bowline Critterhood is a secretive organization of unknown origin, potentially formed after the Fork IV event. Its members are deeply embedded within high society and possess significant influence in Nameless Town. The group's interests encompass various geographical locations, such as the Cornetto Lake area and the Looney Lark Cave, which put them in conflict with the Chilldren of Moss and the Government, both interested in exploring these areas. Their intentions remain enigmatic, and they appear to be in pursuit of dimensional trips and exploring the Occult.

The Bowline Critterhood integrates elements of the fork event into their theories and rituals. Their fascination with knots is evident in their name, referencing the bowline knot. Members of the group use ropes and this specific knot to perform free-dives in Cornetto Lake and navigate water tunnels within the Looney Lark Cave.

The organization's interest in the Cornetto Lake area and the Looney Lark Caves stems from a belief in secret connections between the two locations. Some wanderers speculate that these connections hold the key to understanding the mysterious "Common Waters," a concept that refers to a dimensional glitch where water from one realm shares the same water with another realm, allowing for cross-realm travel as performed by the legendary critter the Dive.

Though much about the Bowline Critterhood remains unknown, their secretive nature has made them an intriguing and enigmatic presence within the realm, and the connections between them and the Fork IV are still unknown.