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Children of Moss

A member of the Children of Moss
NameChildren of Moss
RealmAtom Realm
Foundation30 years before the Fork IV
TypeReligious group, business group


The Children of Moss is a syncretic cult founded 30 years before the Fork IV in the Cornetto Lake area by Critter Wero, also known as ~The Prophet.~ This religious group combines elements from various spiritual traditions, such as shamanism and vegetalism.

Critter Wero or ~The Prophet,~ the leader of Children of Moss

Ceremonies within the Children of Moss typically last several hours, with participants sitting in silent ~concentration~ or engaging in collective singing and dancing, following spiral geometric formations. The ceremonies incorporate the use of yellow moss, a psychoactive substance found deep within the Puffbird Forest. The yellow moss, which is chewed during the ceremony, can induce strong emetic effects, embraced as a means of emotional and physical purging. Recent studies suggest that yellow moss may be a fungus of an Outerspace origin.

The Children of Moss own a large area near Cornetto Lake, where they have established a profitable thermal springs business. This venture has been made possible through donations from disciples and the sale of The Book, written by the Prophet through "cosmic inspiration". In The Book, the Prophet is said to channel the legendary critter the Poet. As the Fork IV approached, the group began exploring the deep areas of Cornetto Lake in pursuit of a broader variety of therapeutic waters.