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A Dataist member fully connected with the Neon
RealmCyber Realm
Foundation50 years Pre-Fork V
TypePolitical group, technological group, religious group


The Dataists is a pro-technology and pro-artificial intelligence group founded in the Cyber Realm approximately 50 years before the Fork-V. Rooted in a tech-driven life vision, the Dataists firmly believe in the inevitable convergence of organic life and artificial intelligence, ultimately resulting in the complete integration of critters with the Neon, a shared and absolute Brain common to all living critters, also known by the Dataists as the ~Glorious Omnipresent Data~ (G.O.D).

The Neon, also known as the ~Glorious Omnipresent Data~ (G.O.D)

The Dataists advocate for the Singularity, the point at which machines achieve consciousness and surpass their creators in intelligence. This belief puts the Dataists in confrontation with the Cloakers and their leader, the Hash, who view the Singularity as a threat to life and promote sabotage actions to prevent it from happening.

To achieve their goals, the Dataists promote the development and widespread adoption of technologies that facilitate the merging of organic life and artificial intelligence, such as neural implants, brain-computer interfaces, and advanced machine learning algorithms. The Dataists see this fusion as the final evolution of critters, transcending the limitations of the physical body and merging with the vast and ever-expanding digital realm. Many of their members are prominent public figures and authorities, which has led to their ideas being widely accepted in critter society. As a result, at the time of the Fork-V, the Dataists' agenda is very close to being realized.