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A devoted member of the Cinephiles
RealmDiesel Realm
Foundation30 years Pre-Fork III
TypeArtistic group, political group, secret society


The Cinephiles, an enigmatic group of passionate enthusiasts, emerged from the shadows roughly 30 years prior to the epochal event known as Fork III. Comprised of a unique blend of film fanatics, cryptographers, and prophetic enthusiasts, the Cinephiles have woven themselves into the fabric of the Diesel Realm's rich cultural and political tapestry.

Their enigmatic leader, the Film, was once a celebrated actor and director, renowned for his contributions to silent horror movies. However, after a devastating fire engulfed the Croissant Studios, the Film's mortal remains mysteriously vanished from his charred coffin, sparking a wave of intrigue and speculation.

The enigmatic leader of the Cinephiles, known as "The Film"

Intrigued by the Film's sudden disappearance, a legion of dedicated fans and experts delved into the extensive body of his work. They meticulously analyzed over 5,000 hours of unreleased film footage and, through skilled lip-reading and interpretation of the soundless material, they uncovered a series of hidden prophecies embedded within the silent frames.

These cryptic revelations were subsequently compiled into a series of books, aptly titled "The Silent Prophecies." These writings offer an eerie portrayal of the Diesel Realm's impending doom, foretelling its catastrophic end through an event ominously referred to as "The Shout."

Another devoted member of the Cinephiles

Members of the Cinephiles cult are easily identifiable by their distinct attire, which often pays homage to the iconic horror films directed by the Film. Adhering to a vow of silence, they operate in secrecy, quietly working behind the scenes to prevent the occurrence of the prophesied "Shout."

Most scholars interpret this foreboding "Shout" as a metaphor for the detonation of an atomic bomb - a chillingly apt description of ~the final and loudest shout, which no one can hear.~