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Tenebris Lux

A member of the Tenebris Lux
nameTenebris Lux
RealmDiesel Realm
TypeReligious group, obscurantist group


Tenebris Lux is an enigmatic occult group that emerged in the Diesel Realm, this organization draws inspiration from the esoteric and mystical cults that were prevalent during that era. Tenebris Lux is known for embracing heretical beliefs, practicing black magic, and promoting a personality cult centered around its enigmatic leaders.

Tenebris Lux is known for its secretive structure and exclusive membership, with the group's leaders, believed to possess extensive knowledge of the occult and supernatural phenomena. Drawing on elements of arcane symbolism and mysticism, the group's rituals and practices are designed to harness hidden energies and powers. Members of Tenebris Lux are often educated and influential individuals, giving the group a veneer of respectability despite its darker pursuits.

The group's practices include the use of hypnosis, communication with spirits, and the propagation of conspiracy theories. Tenebris Lux is believed to have strong connections with powerful figures and is thought to be deeply involved in political machinations. The group's ultimate goal appears to be the instigation of wars and mass destruction, with a particular emphasis on harnessing atomic power. They justify their destructive ambitions by claiming to protect the realm from unknown dangers and hidden threats.

Tenebris Lux's members are notorious for their involvement in various conspiracies and secret plots. They are often suspected of manipulating political events and influencing key decision-makers to further their agenda. Some speculate that the group's influence extends far beyond the Diesel Realm, with a network of agents and sympathizers working in the shadows to advance their cause.